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I have a print shop now over at INPRNT!!! This as well as a few other pieces are available…including that 1920s lineup :)
Feel free to message me if there’s a piece you’d like to buy that isn’t in the shop yet. Or if you have interest in mugs and such…maybe I’ll do a society 6 for that kind of thing.
starkexpos' last request was Wanda in palette 9 (you get bonus Pietro because of reasons)
has this been done yet?
starkexpos also requested Clint Barton in palette 2
starkexpos requested Tony Stark in palette 16
feeling homesick
My Daddy-o requested Harry Bosch in palette 13.  
ps. he’s a rad toy designer…you guys should check out his stuff…guarantee he worked on a lot of toys from your childhood <3

Anonymous asked: 12 Capt. Nemo


hipster nemo? i am so sorry

comedicadventurer asked: Can you draw sam Herbert from superego ( a webcomic by jovian-12) with palette number two


zaramore asked: Daenerys with 7? :)


me too Daeny…me too


x x

sketches that culminated in this x

I always like my sketches better then my digital stuff

sketchbook page… suspenders